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Flyboy Genesis is a collection of 1,903 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each aviating bear is algorithmically generated by combining up to 7 various hand-drawn traits. Your FlyBoy doubles as your access to the FlyBoys’ Flying Club (FBFC), joining a family of NFT and aviation enthusiasts.

Flyboy Collections
The story

FlyBoy Genesis is the OG collection of the brand. Our total supply of 1,903 marks the year when the Wright Brothers made the first manned flight by a powered airplane - the Wright Flyer, a.k.a. Kittyhawk.

As both NFT and aviation enthusiasts, we couldn't find anything in the market that we can relate to. And hence the idea of creating the very first aviation-themed nft project is born.


Over 100 unique traits with varying rarity across all categories will be used to generate all our Bear. There will be the following 7 categories.


Here is what we have planned for this project.

75% Sold Out

At 75% sold out, we will do a free merch drop to all holders! Our first physical utility will be a personalised aviation tag from the world famous - Aviationtag.com.

We will also launch our own Launchpad. We provide seed fundings and technical support to help members to create their own NFT projects. FlyBoy is decentralised. All funding applications will be decided collectively by the members.

100% Sold Out

At 100% sold out, we will announce our first airdrop and release more details about our derivative NFTs in development. Did you notice the full-body flyboy and the private jet scene? ;) gonna stop here...

We will also roll out roadmap 2.0 at this stage.

Going Forward

We are looking to turn FlyBoy into a brand, instead of an one-off rug-pull project. With the FlyBoy’s world continuously growing, owners can expect exclusive access to our new derivative NFTs, experiences, merchandise and events IRL.

35% Sold Out

At 35% sold out, we make a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

The RFDS provides emergency aeromedical evacuations throughout rural and remote Australia for people who are seriously ill or injured and require urgent medical attention. In 2020/21, 112,839 Australians were flown by our expert medical, nursing and aviator teams. They operate a fleet of over 70 aircrafts, including PC-12, PC-24 and King Air B300.

50% Sold Out

At 50% sold out, we purchase land plots in the Sandbox metaverse to construct the FlyBoys' Flying Club (FBFC).

In the future, members will be able to use the premise to host their own events. We will also consider to rent or sell them out, and distribute the income evenly to our members. All land plots will be kept at the FlyBoy Official Vault (The Vault).

Minting Portal

Total Supply: 1903

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Team members

Founder, Degen. Development. OG FlyBoy.


Smart contract developer. +2 years experience in the field.


Art wizard with a pair of magical hands.


It’s more than just an avatar. It is also you access to our metaverse experience in Sandbox - the FlyBoys’ Flying Club. Also, multiple physical utilities have been planned, with the first physical utility being a personalised aviation tag of your own, from the famous Aviationtag.com!

FlyBoys' Flying Club is the go-to place for all aviation enthusiasts in the metaverse world. It's a virtual space for members to chill and shill. You will be able to rent one of our party houses in Sandbox to host your own events. Any future proceeds from selling or renting out the house will be shared equally to the members.

You need to connect your Metamask wallet on Ethereum network to our minting website. Make sure to charge your wallet with sufficient ETH for minting.

In presale, each wallet can mint up to 5. In public sale, there is no limit. Please note, for both presale and public sale, you can mint a maximum of 5 for each transaction.

Each FlyBoy costs 0.06ETH (pre-sale at 0.04ETH) + gas fee. We also offer bundles. After the mint, you will be able to trade FlyBoy in secondary marketplaces like Opensea.